An author who writes historical fiction must research the historical period of their writing. In George Washington's Socks, Elvira Woodruff researched the crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolution. These are the historical objects and figures that are a part of her book. With your partner, research your assigned object or figure. Upload an appropriate picture and give a description of how this object or figure was important to this time period. Please cite sources at the bottom.

Historical Object or Figure
British Soldier
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The British soldiers were the people who fought against us. The British soldiers had the white sashes which made them an easy target to aim at. They were for King George. They had bayonets at the end of their guns.
#1 Katie and Tyler
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A grenadier is a special soldier, chosen for their strength and size. Grenadiers were first established in the mid 17th century, for the throwing of grenades. "At this time grenadiers were chosen from the most strongest and largest soldiers."
#2 By: Mckenzie and Grace Anne
Uniform of the Continental Army
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The soldiers wore blue coats, white or buff waist coats, and
white or buff breeches or overalls.
Cuffs, lapels, and collars were different colors depending on what colony the soldier was from. Facing colors were as follows:
White Facings: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Buff Facings: New York, New Jersey
Red Facings: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
Blue Facings: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Claire and Noah
Durham Boats
The Durham Boats were named after Robert durham. They could hold up to 20 tons of iron and 150 barrels of flour downstream. A captain and 6 other crew members were needed to travel upstream. George Washington directed his me to secure his boats and crafts along the Delaware side for the crossing of the Delaware on their way to the Battle of Trenton.

Hessian Soldiers
There most famous incident in the Revoulutionary War was The Battle of Trenton. The Hessians wore blue coats with chest plates as there costume with very tall hats. They convinced some colonist to be loyalist. They were know by the patriots as "Hessian Pigs." The first battle of the
Revolution that the Hessians were involved in was The Battle of Long Island. They would sell their services to the highest bidder. However, after the Revolution, most of the Hessians returned to Germany.
Nathan and Chaz
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Delaware River
George Washington and his troops used the Delaware River in Trenton to surprise the Hessians the day after Christmas. His troops weren’t always prepared unlike the British troops. Murphy, Jim. The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution. New York: Scholastic, 2010. Print.

Washington proposed to lead 2,400 troops across the river and attack Trenton from the north. He planned to begin his move on Trenton on Christmas night. There were 1,500 Hessians that night at Trenton. It was a nine mile-march to Trenton. When the Americans attacked Trenton the enemy was almost completely caught by surprise. The war took no longer than 45 minutes. George Washington took 918 prisoners. Not a single American died said Washington.
Charlie and Nicholas
Muskets and Bayonets
Musket and Bayonet
Musket and Bayonet

and Courtney
Battle of Trenton

Jonh Glover's Marbelheaders
Marbleheaders are Glover’s troops. They are called Marbleheaders because Glovers regiment is from Marblehead Massachusetts.

King George III

Tricorner Hats

Goerge Washington
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George Washington was born in 1732. He was a loyalist when he was growing up but became a patriot when he was older. He fought in the French and Indian War on the brittish side.

Anna and Patrick

Harness, Cheryl. George Washington. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2000. Print.