Reading Log and AR Information

December AR Goal: 17 points!June AR Goal: 50 points!
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As required by the Birmingham Public School District, please continue to read 20 minutes per day and at least 100 minutes per week.

Every day at school and at home, you will read books, record your reading on your Student Reading Log, and fill out Jottings (at least one jotting per chapter). You will be expected to keep track of how many minutes you spent for each reading. These minute totals and your completed Student Reading Logs will be used for marking participation and effort on the 5th Grade Report Card.

An additional Reading homework may be required each month. It will be due the first school day of the month and will be graded.

ALSO, each 5th grader is required to earn 17 Accelerated Reading points (1/3 of the total) by December, and 50 Accelerated Reading points by June. Talk to Mrs. Pardington if you have special circumstances. You may take Accelerated Reading quizzes each morning during DEAR time and during any free time. Just ask Mrs. Pardington. Use the books that you have read for your Student Reading Log and kill two birds with one stone! But of course, choose a book for its enjoyment and for being a "just right" book, not for the number of points it will give you if you pass the test.