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Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech:
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Use the arrow below the screen to advance this slide show. Be patient and wait for the animations to finish before you advance on to the next slide.
Wow! This site covers EVERYTHING about adjectives. Check this out!!!

Check out the PowerPoint to see the difference between POSITIVE, COMPARATIVE, and SUPERLATIVE forms:

Parts of Speech:

Reading Comprehension
This article offers great suggestions for improving reading comprehension by Donald Martin.

National Punctuation Day (September 24)
Check out each type of punctuation.

Punctuation: Commas
See a list of rules for commas use.
Here's a quick guide to commas from the same source as the site above (Purdue University).
Nice source, again, with rules for commas use. They also include some myths about using commas.
This site reviews the rules and it has some quizzes on the bottom where you can test your knowledge.
**Slide Show** **on Commas** by Charles Darling, PhD, Professor of Englisha and webmaster at Capital Community College.
Punctuation: Quotation Marks
Rules to learn
Very kid friendly
Quick definition and some good examples provided here.
Here are some examples in some writing, especially some poetry.
I particularly like these examples. They are very creative and show great imagery.
Now that you have seen examples of personification, try this quick quiz. Click the sentences that contain personification.
**Slide Show** about Personification from
Here is a list of common similes.

Take a small quiz to find out if you can figure out what two things are being compared in the given simile.
Here's another quiz to see if you can identify a simile.
Story Elements
Classroom teacher, Mrs. Engram, shares excellent comprehensive information about each story element.
// / This site does a nice job of explaining the meaning of synonym, antonym, and homonym. This video is currently free to view. If a subscription is required later on, it's worth the family investment.

Parts of Speech: Verbs